Information about abstract submission

Contributions to workshops and the general poster session will be selected based on submitted abstracts, which will go through a standard review process. Abstracts must be written in this template. Any modification to the template (such as a modification of the font, font size or other properties, margins, or a failure to keep the indicated number of empty lines) may lead to rejection without review. Abstracts must be anonymous and must be submitted in the pdf format. Prior to exporting the abstract into pdf, please remove or replace the text between asterisks and make sure that the indicated number of empty lines is respected. 

Template properties: 2 pages A4 (not letter size), margins 2,5 cm, 2 cm at the top, font Times New Roman, font size 11, line spacing 1,08. First page: obligatory first line indicating the workshop number or poster (right-aligned); second (and third if needed) line contains the title of the contribution (boldface, center-aligned); then 5 empty lines (or 4, in case the title spans over two lines), followed by the body of the abstract (justified), max. until the end of the page (there should be 45 lines of text available). Second page: possible to use for larger graphs, figures, or tables; bibliography (cited in the abstract) is obligatory. 

One person can submit at most 3 abstracts. Max. one abstract can be first- or single-authored, max. 2 abstracts may be submitted to a single workshop. One person can be involved as an author in max. 2 workshops. An active participation in 2 workshops and the poster session is possible. 

Abstracts must be submitted via the OpenReview platform. Please register at the platform before submitting. The submission itself proceeds at by clicking at the blue button BCL 2024 Conference Submission. The submission form includes the choice of the workshop (or the poster session) you wish to submit to.

Deadline for abstract submission: 25 March 2024 (23:59 CET). 

In case of technical difficulties with abstract submission on the 25th March, please contact

Information about OpenReview registration

  • If you intend to submit an abstract, register at OpenReview as soon as possible, not only upon submitting your  abstract.
  • Please use your institutional email address (faculty, research institute…).
  • If the domain of your institution does not appear in the list of OpenReview’s institutions (this information will appear below the email field), use the contact form to apply for adding it (click on “contact us”, see example below).

  • If you have no institutional email available, register with your commercial email (,, etc.). Such a registration is possible but is moderated by OpenReview administrators, which can take up to 2 weeks (mostly it’s dealt with in the order of days).
  • A successful registration presupposes your web presence – either a homepage or a profile on a relevant platform (such as ORCID or LinkedIn). If you have no such profile, we recommend opening one at ORCID.
  • Upon registration you will be asked about various professional details. Please be generous and provide as much relevant information about yourself as possible. It will be used in the semi-automatic abstract–reviewer assignment.