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The Biennial of Czech Linguistics

In September 2024, the first edition of a new conference will take place at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University – The Biennial of Czech Linguistics – held under the auspices of Jazykovědné sdružení České republiky. The Biennial provides a platform for the meeting of the Czech linguistic community (and beyond) in its whole breadth – across linguistic subdisciplines, philologies, as well as theoretical and methodological paradigms. The core of the Biennial will be constituted by thematic workshops organized by linguists affiliated with Czech academic or scientific institutions. We also plan to include plenary lectures, a poster session and a discussion panel open to media and the public. The concept builds on the model applied at the European level (the conference of Societas Linguistica Europaea) or in Germany (the conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft).

21 workshop panels were accepted for Biennial. Contributions to workshops and the general poster session will be selected based on submitted abstracts, which will go through a standard review process. For more information please visit section Call.

Plenary speakers

We are pleased to announce the following invited plenary speakers:

Satellite events

  • Multilingualism in the Czech context (popularization panel)
  • Searching the InterCorp parallel corpus using the Universal Dependencies annotation (workshop)